Identify Feature



To view the list of attributes of the feature identified on map.



1.      Click the “Identify” tool and subsequently clicks on any feature on the map.

2.      In case no feature is found at the location where you have clicked, you will be prompted by a message “No feature found”.

3.      Click on the identify tool.

4.      Then you will subsequently click on any point on the map. A popup window will open containing the attribute information of the feature present at that point or within the search buffer of that point. The search buffer will be based on the current viewing extent of map.

5.      In case there is more than one feature found at one location, attribute information of all the features will be displayed.

6.      An ‘OK’ button will be provided in the window containing attribute information. On clicking this window the pop up window will close.

7.      A pop up window will open displaying the feature attribute information related to the point on the map on which you have clicked.